Bride and her bridesmaids are choosing wedding dress

10 tips for the bride before going to the bridal salon

More often than not, what many brides do after getting the coveted proposal and the ring on their finger is start driving around to all the bridal salons and trying on wedding dresses. Please do not put off this pleasure until later! And before you start driving around to all the bridal salons, here are a few tips we suggest you read BEFORE trying on.

Clear budget

    You need to know your wedding budget limit for buying your dream dress before you hit the salon. Exceeding your wedding dress shopping budget can leave you without many important wedding items.

    Consider the style of the wedding

    You should understand that a puffy dress is not appropriate for a beach wedding. It is better to choose a dress with a simple and easy style.

    First dress

    Many brides fall in love with the first dress they try on. If you trust yourself and are fully confident that you are comfortable in this dress, take it without hesitation!

    Say YES and Stop

    Every bride is sure she made the right choice. But if your choice was based on all sorts of speculation, it could be the wrong choice and could shake the bride's confidence.

    Knowing your figure

    Buying a wedding dress that doesn't fit the bride's figure may upset her later on. The dress looks different from the model in the magazine. I advise you to choose a dress that will fit your figure, texture, as well as style and color of the wedding. Many people do not think about it!

    Trust your intuition

    It's a shame when your girlfriends and mom don't approve of your choices. But if you know what you want, be confident in your choice 100% - just trust yourself!


    You have to remember that the dress can be altered and fitted. Try to imagine yourself in that dress, how it fits perfectly.

    Extra Budget

    Provide for additional expenses for your dress. Yes, that's right, you'll need extra splurges on accessories, fitting the dress.

    Be open to different styles

    Experiment. Try different options and styles. You will be very surprised how beautiful you can be in different dresses.

    Your vision and desire

    You should talk to your girlfriends and your mother before going to the salon. They need to know and understand exactly what you are looking for.


    Most importantly, enjoy your wedding preparations! No need to worry about all sorts of trifles. Very carefully select for yourself and for your wedding all wedding contractors, so that on the day of the wedding you were 100% confident in all contractors that you have chosen and after the wedding received the result that you expected.

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