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4 Romantic ideas for winter proposal

If you would like a wedding in the summer, and if you believe the organizers, six months is the minimum amount of time you need for calm and thoughtful preparation for such an important event. That is why men often propose in the wintertime. The restaurant seems to you too banal and walks in the moonlight risk ending up with a cold, and now you do not know how to surprise your beloved without harming her health and own reputation?

Home comfort

On a cold winter evening, it's easy to organize the comfort of your own home. You'll need a warm blanket, woolen socks, a dim floor lamp, candles, a good movie about love, and warm drinks like hot chocolate with marshmallows or ginger tea. If you want to leave a cute souvenir for your sweetheart to remember this historic moment, pour her a drink in a special mug with "Will you marry me?" on the bottom.

A stroll at sunrise

In winter, you can discover the unexpected benefit of the short daylight hours. It dawns so late that you can even get a good night's sleep before going for an early walk. Invite your beloved to meet the sunrise in a beautiful place: a garden or a picturesque clearing in the woods. Don't forget to dress warmly, take a blanket and a thermos with a hot drink.

With the family

Winter is a great time for family meetings and get-togethers. If you already know your sweetheart's family well, you can propose to her at a family dinner or dinner party. This is always touching, and seeing the reaction of your future father-in-law and mother-in-law is priceless! At the same time, the question of when and how to announce the engagement to the bride's parents will be solved at once.

Winter journey

If you think that the hometown is not suitable for a spectacular marriage proposal and you want to impress your beloved with your ingenuity and generosity, then go on a joint vacation. Imagine everything so that your beloved did not guess anything in advance.

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