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5 Modern options for inviting guests to the wedding

The wedding date is set. The next important step is to invite all the guests and get their responses. You want to make wedding invitations interesting and original, but also inexpensive and convenient for everyone.

It's best to send the invitation three to six months before the wedding. That way, guests can plan their vacation and personal schedules in advance with your celebration in mind. And you'll save time and morale by not having to redo your guest list multiple times.


There are plenty of modern ways to invite guests to your wedding. And all options, from printed invitations to online versions, can look original depending on the theme and style of the wedding you choose. Below we'll look at the pros and cons of the most common methods of invitations and tell you how to make them more interesting.


The most familiar and budget-friendly option is to invite guests simply by making a phone call. But there are some peculiarities here:

You will have to talk a lot. Answering lots of questions that you didn't plan to discuss, and spending not the 3 scheduled minutes on the phone, but as much as 15! It's a little tiring.

All the information about your wedding guests will have to write down somewhere in notepads, phones, or on pieces of paper that happen to be at hand. And there's no guarantee that after a couple of days, this information won't be lost and you won't have to repeat everything all over again.


Wedding printing is very diverse - from the usual inexpensive cards to unusual and insanely beautiful creative invitations in the style of your wedding. Prices are also oh-so-very different. Here you are guided only by your planned budget and your imagination.

The process of making invitations is quite troublesome. You will need to choose a design, compose the text for your wedding invitations or give the guest list to the designer, who will put the names in the text on each card. Then the invitation layout needs to be checked for errors, turned in to the printer, picked up, and packed in envelopes.


In this case, you will have to show imagination. Here are just a few examples of how to make an original wedding invitation. Your invitation can be written:

on a vinyl record

on a canvas

on a balloon

on a magnet

on a calendar

As you can see, wedding invitation ideas can be completely inexpensive to make.


Here you can show your imagination and come up with an interesting storyline for the video, immediately setting the mood for the holiday.

One of the complications is a troublesome process of making: an idea, preparation for filming, shooting, processing of the material, and its further mailing, often by e-mail or with a link in social networks. But the wow-effect of such an invitation exceeds all the effort. And if you come up with an original idea, shooting on a cell phone will be enough.


Website wedding invitations - a completely new proposal for our newlyweds, but it has long been beloved around the world as a versatile and convenient option.

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