Bride and her groom dancing under lights, which hanging on a trees

5 rules for a good wedding ending

No matter how much you enjoy your wedding, it needs not only to be done well, but it needs to end well so that the feeling of celebration stays with you for a little while longer. Here is our great formula

1. Unite your guests in a ritual

The final point of the wedding should be to make some kind of common, collective action with the guests. The most popular are launching balloons, lanterns. Light lights and have a "farewell" corridor, take a photo.

2. Thank guests and contractors.

Don't forget to approach each guest, if possible, and say a few kind words to them. It would be great to give them a keepsake - candy, a book, a jar of honey with a commemorative label - prepared in advance. Do not forget to thank the team of contractors. It is better to do this at the microphone, gathering around the guests and experts.

3. Pay your contractors.

Many contractors are paid after the wedding day is over. Don't forget this, but don't take it upon yourself. It's better to have a trusted party planner and coordinator do the math. If there is no such person, let the witness or parents do it.

4. Leave the wedding first.

If you do not plan to have fun all night, then no matter how you like your party, the departure from it is better not to delay. You don't need to wait for the last guests to leave, much less for the waiters to start collecting dishes and removing tablecloths. If you leave before the dismantling of the site, you will feel that the holiday is still going on.

5. Don't count money on your wedding night

Counting gift money is a favorite pastime of many newlyweds. Sometimes they sit down for this activity without taking off their wedding attire. Don't do that! The money isn't going anywhere overnight. Once you enter the hotel room, devote yourself to each other and to relaxing.

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