Groom and his buddies

5 ways to personalize the groom's outfit

It's not just the bride who wants to look stunning on her wedding day. The groom also deserves the attention of his guests. The good news is that even from a sea of dark suits, you can pick an outfit that will help the groom stand out. You can choose a slightly different jacket or pants, pick a completely different suit or tuxedo in color or style, the choice is always up to the groom. Match the suit with a few accessories, adding personality.

Try a different tie

A tie is the easiest way to add some color and personality to the groom's outfit. Choose one in a different color or pattern from the rest of the groom's friends' ties. You can even opt for a bow tie while the groom's friends wear ties. The choices can seem endless, so think about the formality and timing of the event, as this will help decide on the type and fabric.

Emphasis on the jacket

Many people think that the pattern of the pocket-handkerchief should duplicate the print of the tie. In fact, it's better to mix and match to create a truly personalized outfit. The groom can try folding the pocket-handkerchief differently than the groom's friends.

Embellish your sleeves

Cufflinks are a small detail that should not be overlooked. In a way, you could call them jewelry for men. So why not make them more meaningful? Choose them from the metal of which the bride's ring is made. A version with colorful stones that match the palette of the wedding will do. A unique pair of cufflinks for each friend of the groom would make a pretty thoughtful gift.

Pick up some interesting socks

You may think the socks will go unnoticed, but a fun and quirky pair would make a great photo. You can take a close-up photo along with the bride's shoes, and a photo of the groom's socks and friends of the groom will also look unusual. For a more fashionable look, look for multi-colored, graphic prints or polka dots.

Unique shoes

Traditional black is considered a more formal color, so patent-leather shoes of this color are standard to pair with a tuxedo. But who wants to be standard? Brown, gray or even red and maroon shoes can look better, it all depends on the color of the suit you choose. As for style, there are no hard rules.

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