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6 original ideas for a bachelorette party that you won't forget

Modest home parties and corny club dances are no longer in trend. Do not get upset, we want to offer 8 fiery ideas for the bachelorette party, from which your girlfriends will be completely delighted. In this article, you will find options for quiet girls, creative young ladies, and noisy party girls. No to the boring wires of unmarried life! Yes to creativity and fun!

Tea ceremony

Not all brides want to go to all the trouble before the wedding, and some even dream of a bachelorette party right before the holiday. This is convenient if you have an offsite event: just invite the bridesmaids to the place of celebration the day before. Of course, in this case, it is better to refuse alcohol. A tea ceremony is just the thing.

A beautiful ritual can be made even more spectacular if you take care of the costumes. These can be colorful or monochrome robes in the oriental style. Tasting different kinds of tea with relaxing music, beautiful dishes, favorite sweets and the scent of the incense is a great way to restore strength and tune in to the coming day.


A variation of the master class for girls. Invite your girlfriends to create their own unique fragrance from essential oils. They will choose the scents, and the perfumer will mix them in the right proportions to make a perfume with a personal character.

Similarly, you can create your own perfume sticks or candles. Imagine lighting a candle or opening a vial of perfume after a while and remembering that special day in the company of your closest friends. It's not for nothing that smells are considered one of the most powerful psychological anchors that bring us back to moments in the past and awaken memories.

Tattoo Studio

The crazy thought of drawing on the body at least once in a lifetime visits almost every person. A temporary tattoo is a cool experience that will allow you to see if you really want a permanent tattoo. And even if you realize it's not your story, why not walk around with a drawing for a few days? For summer weddings, glittery and light gold drawings will do, for the cold season - laconic black tattoos, silver patterns will be perfect for frosty winter. If you arrange a bachelorette party with a tattoo bar 2-3 days before the holiday, then the pictures are sure to last until X day.

Art Gallery

The format of creative bachelorette parties is very popular. Of the many master classes you can choose anything, our recommendation - draw a picture under the keen guidance of an artist. The process is fascinating: you can create a beautiful canvas, even those who thought they can not draw at all. Wine and good music will make the evening even more languid. And the main advantage is that every girlfriend can take a picture home and look at it, happy with her talent and remember your bachelorette party and the wedding.

Your own florist

Invite your girlfriends to make a floral arrangement or weave a wreath with their own hands, like a real florist. Of course, a professional will look after the creative process and advise which flowers are better to combine and how to form a bouquet correctly.

If you are planning a large-scale celebration, collect bracelets-corsages for bridesmaids. They will be a good gift and stylish addition to their image at the wedding.

Meet the stars

Vivid memories together bring them closer together. Invite your girlfriends to go to a concert of your favorite performer. There's the emotion of a live performance, the dancing, the excitement of great music, and great company. You will definitely have something to discuss and brag about.

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