Autumn wedding: top recommendations

Autumn wedding: top recommendations

Autumn weddings are full of warmth and coziness, nature is painted with an incredible palette that will be a real decoration of your celebration. This enchanting time of year provides plenty of seasonal fruits and vegetables, and magical flowers that you can safely use in the menu and decor. Sweet tables can be replaced by homemade pies and fruit tables, and you can use yellowed leaves and the gifts of nature instead of flowers in the decor.


Stylistics and themes

Particularly interesting when preparing a fall wedding is the choice of styling. You can opt for rustic, retro, or vintage style weddings, opt for classic charm or create an autumnal travel fairy tale. Homesteads in century-old parks would be a great option for a classic fall wedding. An interior in warm tones with bright accents, heavy curtains on the windows, and velvet furniture will accentuate the sophistication and refinement of the decor.

The standard colors of autumn - yellow, orange, and red - can be replaced by more subtle and refined variants: mustard, ochre, wine, burgundy, purple, emerald, and chocolate. And you can add pastel shades to the palette to further emphasize the depth and singularity of the color scheme.


Bride and groom's looks

In the place of light and flying, sleeveless dresses come more closed dresses, complex and unusual designs, made of thicker materials. Very beautiful will look lace dresses with long sleeves. Inserts of felt or even thin felt will make the dress so that it will be impossible to take your eyes away from it. Autumn is the time for the most unusual footwear: rubber boots or suede shoes in bright colors are a great accent to even the most conservative look.

Autumn is literally created for men who love vintage style and non-classic options of images: warm vests and jackets of thick fabrics, solid colors or in plaid, interesting patterned shirts, sweaters and cardigans, coats, and, of course, hats! A general bow with hats on a walk will look just great!


Autumn in the decor

Branches and leaves, moss, acorns and nuts, cones and pine needles, seasonal vegetables, and fruits are used for decorations. The main thing at an autumn wedding is to create a mood. Proper lighting will help to convey a warm and sincere atmosphere - light bulb garlands, candlesticks, lanterns, candles everywhere - just what a warm and bright celebration needs. Textures play no small role in fall wedding decor. In fabrics, give preference to linen, velvet, brocade, vintage knitted lace, and velvet. Creating a homely mood will help with sawed trees and other wooden elements of decor.

Compositions for tables and bouquets can be collected both from delicate flowers and from "garden" flowers, which will give charm and comfort to any decor: dahlias, asters, ears, and dried flowers.

At the ceremony and at the entrance to the wedding reception hall, you can hang wreaths made of twigs and leaves. Add cinnamon, cloves, dried citrus, and fruit, and the scent of tenderness and autumn will waft through the room. And for the ceremony, you can replace the rose petals with brightly colored autumn leaves.


An autumn wedding is a very soulful celebration, which nature itself helps to create.

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