Bride and her bridesmaids in bathrobes

Bride's morning 5 options

The morning before the wedding is one of the most exciting moments, setting the mood for the entire day. That's why it's so important that the beginning of the day goes smoothly and pleasantly.  To do this, you need to decide in advance where and how you want to spend it.
First of all, think about whom you're ready to share this touching moment. Invite your mother, your friends, take care in advance about a delicious and light breakfast, good music and of course, choose the location.
A bride's morning at home

Familiar surroundings and all the things at your fingertips - definitely convenient. In addition, you do not have to rush somewhere at dawn, carrying things and accessories for the photo shoot. But there are disadvantages, too.

First, you'll have to take care of decorating the house for the wedding, and sometimes even do a little renovation. Secondly, there is not often enough space at home for all the invitees. The stylist, photographer, and your significant others may simply not fit in a standard apartment.

Finally, the design of the room does not always fit the style of the morning shoot, which most often takes place in light spacious rooms in pastel shades.

Bride's morning in a hotel

Hiring a hotel room whose interior you'll love is a great option for a carefree morning. There is already much more space, there is an opportunity to take colorful pictures, using the design solutions of various rooms. And caring staff will take care of all comfort issues. Delicious breakfast, no household chores, and good mood. Agree - a pleasant start to the day!

Bride's morning in the studio

A great place to spend the morning of the bride is a photo studio with suitable decor. Here you can take great photos, change several locations, and help the photographer and you will have special equipment and light.

There are disadvantages here, too - it is not easy to relax and gain strength in the photo studio. It's not a living room. You are unlikely to be able to lie down, have breakfast. Therefore, we advise you to spend the main gatherings at home, and the studio for a wedding photoshoot for 1-2 hours.

The bride's morning in nature

If your wedding takes place in the summer, a good option would be to spend the morning of the bride in nature. If you manage to find a picturesque place with greenery, a gazebo, or a lake, you will have unique photos. In addition, the time spent in nature energizes and gives a charge of a good mood.

Of the disadvantages, we can mention the need to take all the things and accessories with you, to think carefully about a place for makeup and gatherings, and to provide a plan B in case of rain.

The bride and groom's morning together

If you do not believe in the omens that say that the groom should not see the wedding dress until the moment of marriage, the gathering can be spent with your loved one.
This can be a joint photoshoot in a romantic setting, or you can go the non-standard way and just enjoy each other. Lie in bed, go for a walk and eat ice cream. Such a morning without fuss and stress will allow you to relax and get incredible pleasure from being near your spouse.


Each option of the bride's morning is good in its own way. So just listen to your desires and choose what suits you. And on that very day, no matter where you are - wake up in a good mood, don't fuss, and enjoy every minute!

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