Coffee wedding: tips and secrets of decoration

Coffee wedding: tips and secrets of decoration

A cup of aromatic classic black coffee or a delicate cappuccino with an airy creamy foam, your favorite music and the company of dear to your heart - is this how you imagine the best evening too? Then consider having a coffee style wedding. We've already got some cool ideas for your celebration: lovers of coffee and everything associated with it are dedicated.
We're in the process of decorating

Choosing coffee as the main theme for your party, it immediately becomes clear which ingredient will take the leading role.

There are lots of ideas:
1. Use coffee tones as the base shades of the event: brown, beige, cream, and white. Dilute them can be both dark tones and lighter - it all depends on the preferences of the newlyweds.
2. Find fragrance and candles scented with coffee and natural coffee beans. Install these products or spray the product directly during the celebration in different locations. Now the scent of coffee will be associated by the guests with your celebration.
3. To decorate the locations, use coffee beans, thick twine and accessories made of natural materials. It looks beautiful, stylish and eco-friendly.
4. The groom's suit in this case can be not the classic black, but brown. The color is noble and deep - the man will look very winning.

The secret of a successful party

To make the celebration a success, do not forget about the invited guests who do not like or for some reason can not consume coffee. Offer them alternatives: teas, juices, morses, smoothies, and decaf drinks.
Keep the little guests in mind, too. Children are not recommended to have caffeinated beverages, so think carefully about their menu.
A coffee wedding is a cozy event for coffee connoisseurs, who can't live a day without a strong and full-bodied drink that gives them a boost of energy. It's also a great idea for couples who met in coffee shops or spent their first dates in coffee shops, trying new flavors and getting to know each other better.
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