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Engagement: 4 rules that no longer work

The theater begins with a hanger, and the wedding rush begins with an engagement. The proposal of marriage is shrouded in a variety of traditions.
Luckily, it's time to shatter outdated rules and stereotypes and do things your way!
Here we tell you the 4 rules of marriage proposals that are long gone and it's time to rethink.


Engagement should be unexpected

In romantic movies, the proposal of marriage is necessarily unexpected and is billed as a huge surprise for the girl. But let's be honest: women can always sense when their chosen one is getting ready for the next step. Strange questions, mysterious and atypical behavior, a little nervousness, and flashes of tenderness - too many signs are given by the future groomsmen, not suspecting it themselves. And in a long happy relationship, every anniversary and romantic holiday is already pushing the idea of proposing marriage. :)

Yes, such a game can be very sweet, but discussing the engagement in advance carries many pluses. You can let your partner know your preferences.
We are not advocating eliminating the element of surprise altogether and planning everything together down to the last detail - but what about romance? - But it won't hurt to talk softly about the key points.


An engagement ring must cost a lot of money

The power of feelings is certainly not proved by the value of the ring, but by other actions. It is much more valuable when your partner knows your tastes and preferences. For example, an elegant ring with a unique Alexandrite stone may cost much less than a large diamond, but if the stone emphasizes the beauty of your eyes or is associated with some important associations or memories, the Alexandrite will be much more appreciated.

Weddings are expensive, and you're sure to find a million more practical ways to spend the money you saved on your engagement ring. So prioritize as you feel more comfortable!


You can't buy an engagement ring together

Buying an engagement ring is stressful for the groom-to-be. You need to guess the size, metal, type, and cut of the stone. And the price for a mistake is great: it is unlikely the man will be happy to see the note of disappointment, which the chosen one will try hard to hide, so as not to offend him and not to spoil the moment. In general, there are a lot of worries and a whole field for awkward situations. 

Believe me, it will be easier for your partner to navigate if he has at least some idea of your tastes and desires. That's why there's nothing wrong with picking out the perfect ring together that's sure to please you. If you want to leave an element of surprise, you can limit yourself to basic information: the size of your ring finger, and your preferred stone. Surely you'll find a way to casually hint about it ;)


You can't buy engagement and wedding rings at the same time

Buying an engagement ring first, then proposing, and only then choosing engagement rings.

Sounds familiar and unquestionable, right? However, if you decide to combine the two purchases, you can make your task much easier. Often the main difficulty in buying an engagement ring is the fact that it has to match the engagement ring. That's why our Starry Cradles store has ring set options where you can buy an engagement ring and a wedding ring at the same time that will match each other perfectly.
It will be easier to choose a set at once, rather than adjusting to your initial choice or changing your engagement ring just for the sake of a beautiful combination. 

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