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Fashion and Wedding Decor: Top Trends 2022

The chosen wedding decor, its style, and format are all mirrors that reflect your taste and personality. Don't be indifferent to the details: every interesting trifle in photos, videos, and memories is special and significant!


Bright in fashion

Despite the fact that the fashionable Pantone palettes for spring-summer 2022 contain a lot of pastel shades, the experts insist on using bright colors in the wedding decoration. Purple, red, green-blue, bright blue, yellow - choose emotional hues as the main tones of your celebration and as a complement, a bright flash, a color of detail against the background of calm, monochrome wedding decor.


Sober holiday: the trend of health and good vibes

"What will you be drinking?" - handing out invitations, brides hurry to ask their dear guests what alcoholic beverages they want to enjoy on a festive evening. But 2022 has a surprise for everyone: the trend for alcohol-free weddings is gaining popularity all over the world. And none of the guests walk away outraged. After all, the best way to please everyone is not to buy all the alcoholic exotics in the world, but to prepare a "sober" cocktail list.

Of course, you can offer wine and beer without a degree, too. But believe me, such a decision - not surprising at all in our time. And children, pregnant women, and many young and old people will support you.


Vintage style engagement rings

Vintage jewelry has been in fashion since last year. In the form of grandma's brooches and beads, as well as vintage rings. It is the vintage-style engagement rings, with bright stones and in an unusual frame, that will firmly hold the leadership position among bridal jewelry in 2022.


The practical image of the bride

Ironically, most of the world's brides are no longer chasing luxurious and elaborate haute couture gowns. The trend of 2022 is an outfit rented. An alternative is to purchase a transformer dress consisting of a connectable top and skirt. The skirt can be replaced by pants, and the individual parts of the outfit can also be worn later in everyday life.


A Little White Dress

Short wedding dresses in 2022 are again at the peak of popularity! Thus the brides can say hello to the far '50-the '60s, preferring the outfit of a baby doll or dressed in a daring mini, actual in the 90s. A definite plus of such an outfit is its versatility. Wear a bold short style even after the main celebration.


The magic of lighting

Lighting is one of the primary means of decorating a wedding hall and beyond. The right additional lighting creates the right mood in the right place at the right time. This year, it's important to choose atmospheric lighting: for a romantic celebration, candles will do, for a modern one, open lamps, for an ultra-modern one, whole light installations.


HAND MADE wedding decor

It's not just about products, but a special role for fine art and embroidery in the new year. Painted tableware, embroidered tablecloths, paintings by contemporary artists as wedding hall decorations, hand-drawn invitations, or seating cards with a plan are just a few options for implementing this beautiful trend!


The first outdoor dance

Whatever the weather and location of your celebration, spruce up your celebration with another important trend. Set the stage for your first outdoor wedding dance! Use lighting, pyrotechnics, and smoke, but elicit tears and admiration from your friends and family! And if space and weather permitting, you can have the dance with your guests outdoors, too.


Decorating a 2022 wedding is the art of being sincere, showing tenderness to each other, and caring for your guests. Let your celebration be fashionable and sensual!

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