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How to choose the perfect wedding date?

Right after getting engaged, it's a good time to consider possible wedding dates!

Our tips will help you choose the perfect day for your wedding.


Every couple has special dates that mean a lot to them: a first date, a proposal, or some other important event. Imagine how romantic it would be to get married on just such a symbolic day! If you're excited about the idea, look at your calendar and see if the date is right for your celebration.

If it falls on an inopportune day of the week or another holiday, if a wedding venue is booked for your chosen date, or if a contractor is busy, consider having the formal registration and the reception on different days.


The weather affects not only the timing of the wedding day and the choice of venue but also the atmosphere of the celebration as a whole. The mood of a wedding in cold winter or hot summer will be noticeably different. Consider which season will be most comfortable and appropriate for you.

An outdoor wedding with cocktails and dancing under the stars is best planned in summer, while a cozy celebration in rich hues with homemade baked goods and fragrant mulled wine is best in the fall. If you want to use any particular flowers in your bouquet and decor, keep in mind that they have their seasonality, too.


A planned budget often affects wedding dates. The summer months and early fall are considered the most popular with newlyweds, and therefore the cost of wedding services can be higher than other seasons. Winter or early spring weddings will cost you much less without losing the quality of services.


A holiday wedding is a great idea for those who plan to invite many guests from afar to make it easier for them to get away from the hustle and bustle of work. It's also an outlet for those who are planning a wedding in another city or country.
But on the other hand, many people want to devote an extended weekend to family or a mini-vacation, and your wedding could upset their plans - keep that in mind when choosing a date. And if you do decide to have your wedding on a holiday, notify your guests as early as possible.

Wishes of loved ones

There are people without whom you can't imagine your wedding, so you're ready

to adjust to their plans. You can discuss the date of the celebration with your closest relatives, but you should not ask the opinion of all the guests - there will always be someone who is not satisfied with the chosen date. You should base your own wishes and priorities first and foremost.

Unwanted days for weddings

Every couple has dates that are unacceptable for weddings. Religious reasons, seasonal work, a loved one's birthday, or a friend's wedding, there can be many reasons, so make sure your wedding date doesn't fall on one of these days beforehand. Of course, certain events cannot be planned, and force majeure has not been canceled, but try to anticipate the possible inconveniences so that you do not regret your choice later.

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