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How to make wedding preparations easy and enjoyable?

1. Smile at each other. Even if you are discussing some difficult question and can't come to a unanimous decision - smile, and the negative coloring of the conversation will disappear by itself.

2. Always say to each other "Good morning" and "Good night. Start the day with kind words, and then it will pass easily and pleasantly.

3. Respect each other's choices and don't try to force something that the other may not like.

4. Say that you love each other more often. Even if you are tired, support each other with kind words.

5. Make peace at once, don't put it off until tomorrow. Play the game of who is less stubborn, not the other way around.

6. Be honest with each other and don't be afraid to talk openly about your desires in preparation for the wedding.

7. Discuss the wedding not only at home but also on walks and in cafes. It's a more relaxing atmosphere, plus new places can give you fresh ideas!

8. Prepare for your wedding together so that no one feels like it's just for one person.

9. Let each other rest and take your mind off the preparation (watch a movie, listen to music, play sports).

10. During the preparation it will seem like you don't have enough time for anything, and there is more and more to do. Learn how to distribute time wisely and make sure to rest so that the wedding will be a joy.

11. Say compliments and praise each other.

12. Even during the preparation, make little surprises to each other, visit the places of your first meetings, arrange romantic dates. Behind the pre-wedding hustle and bustle, try not to forget the most important thing - your love!

13. Cook together. Nothing sets the mood for a good mood better than a romantic dinner, in addition, cooking together brings together.

14. Exercise together. It's a great way to take the stress out of dealing with organizational issues and lose weight before the wedding!

15. Make jokes and laugh together more often. Remember, wedding preparations are not more important than how you feel, so take it easy and relax.

16. Respect each other's parents and try to avoid conflicts.

17. Don't forget your hobbies and favorite activities. Then the preparation for the wedding will not seem like work.

18. Even though wedding preparations occupy almost all your thoughts, don't forget to tell the news of your day when you come home from work or school. Don't concentrate only on discussing wedding decor and menus.

19. Never fall asleep in an argument. No matter what happens, be sure to make up before bed.

20. Hold hands, hug, kiss, and most importantly, have fun getting ready!

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