Wedding cake

How to present a wedding cake beautifully at a wedding?

The cake is a wedding tradition that absolutely everyone loves. It happens that the bride does not know what dress she wants or has not yet decided on the stylistics of the decor, but the design of the cake has already been chosen.

Such an important element of the wedding day needs to know how to present it correctly. Our recommendations on how to present a wedding cake beautifully:



Traditionally, the cake is served at the end of the party. It is the final treat (dessert), which informs the guests that soon the end of the official part of the celebration. Keep in mind, that it takes time for the waiters to cut the cake into portions, take coffee and tea orders for the cake and bring the treats to each guest. Think ahead of time about what guests can do during this period. These can be wedding traditions (bouquet tossing, family hearth), a photo shoot with Bengal lights, fireworks, or a final show number.



You can cut the cake in front of the wedding ceremony, near the photo area or the presidium. These are already known to be beautiful venues that, with additional lighting, will be the perfect backdrop for a special moment.


Technique and special effects

Naturally, the cake is not cut in silence and in the dark, and it is worth thinking about this in advance and preparing a set of sound equipment and additional light. Special effects (for example, cold fountains) give additional solemnity to the moment.



We advise you not to take the cake, as in this very action, there is no special beauty and symbolism, but there are a number of risks. The cake stands on a special table, and the couple walks up to it. The cake table should have a set of tools for cutting the cake (spatula and knife). All so that the newlyweds don't have to think about such small things at all.

Where to stand, how to make the first cake cut, what to do afterward - all these moments should be thought out in advance.


Photos and videos

When you've planned all of the above, be sure to let your photographers and videographers know about them. That's when you're guaranteed to get flawless shots.

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