Bride in a white wedding dress and her bridesmaids in a green dresses

Little rules for wedding mornings

The assumption that the bride must be a princess from the first minutes of the wedding day is a myth. It is more important to be yourself and in

harmony with yourself, surrounded by loved ones and beautiful things. Patterns of the perfect bride's morning today are outdated.

The start of the day for the two of us

The morning can start in a familiar home environment or a hotel apartment. Whichever option you choose, try to be with your soulmate to get in the mood for the busy day ahead. Believe me, thanks to the professional team that is near you and proper preparation, everything will be done in time, and the joint breakfast in anticipation of the most important day, except for you two will enjoy.

The atmosphere

Get enough sleep and take your time getting out of bed. Allow yourself to bask in the clouds of blankets to your favorite music. All organizational issues put off, or pass the wedding coordinator because you have time for urgent morning rituals: a bath with rose petals, coffee in bed, a conversation with his mother.

For example, waking up, you can start together to paint a picture, then take a shower together, have breakfast, and only after getting ready for the party.

The bride and groom are getting ready

A wedding consists of small things, which skillfully and professionally take pictures of the photographer and videographer. It can be the shoe details, dress and suit, wedding printing, vows, and monogrammed prints, the bride's bouquet, breakfast and drinks, jewelry, brushes, paints... Don't forget to prepare for the camera crew what will be the beginning of your wedding and your story.

What's next? Ready to wear your unusual wedding dress? Think ahead about whom you want to be around that morning to avoid fuss and tension. Invite the stylist and makeup artist who will be working on the image early, and the professionals with cameras later.

Gather leisurely and when you come face to face with the lenses - relax and try to enjoy every click of the shutter. Relive every minute of your wedding morning with your loved one, smile, and get on with married life!

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