On the western shore of the largest island of the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily, among vineyards and orange groves for two millennia stands the port town of Marsala. There are ancient temples and ancient columns with luxurious statues in the center of the city, and a stone's throw away on the coast - fantastic sunsets, serene fishing boats swaying at the pier, the blades of windmills turn leisurely, and white salt marshes. In Marsala, the sea salt is mined, and the mining season begins in mid-summer, and in September tourists are happily photographed against the white mounds of salt. But the city gave its name not to the white sea salt, but to the red wine, and with it the wine color marsala.


In wedding décor, the color marsala was not used immediately. Like the perennial English War of the Scarlet and White Rose, the red wine color is symbolically opposed to the color of white wine. Perhaps a lighter, lighter palette would be more appropriate for a delicate, spring wedding or a summer marquee wedding. But for an autumn or winter wedding, deeper, more dramatic, and at the same time noble shades, such as the rich wine color marsala, are also appropriate.

A well-thought-out wedding concept assumes that the couple has chosen not only the time and place of the celebration but also all the nuances, right down to the minutiae. And the color palette, in which the banquet hall, the place of the wedding ceremony, the couple's and guests' clothes are not trifles, but the most important component of the holiday. Colors help to tell about themselves, their feelings, and values, and also influence psychologically, setting the tone of the mood.

Weddings in the color marsala will suit self-confident couples who are ready for unconventional decisions. There is nothing "vanilla" in this palette, it's a powerful message of deep and passionate feelings, time-tested.

The color marsala carries notes of solemnity, even a certain theatrical pathos, but at the same time is not as straightforward and harsh as the usual red. It is a stylish, not banal color, which goes well with such shades:

Marsala and pink. The unusual combination will look original on bridesmaids. If separately pink seems too sugary and marsala too austere, together they complement each other perfectly.

Marsala and gold. This is a royal combination, time-tested. Use it if the wedding budget allows you to rent the appropriate venue and do not skimp on the decor.

Marsala and orange. An energetic but budget-friendly combination that can also be used when your budget is limited. More suitable for weddings, decorated in an ethnic style, with elements of boho.

Marsala and beige. One of the most restrained combinations. Suitable both for the dress code of your guests and for the decor of the wedding tables and the ceremony area. Beige will balance the expression of the marsala and will give a certain restraint and stylishness.

Marsala and gray. A ready solution for the groom's suit, and not only. It will look especially appropriate on men's clothes made of natural wool. A stylish men's gray suit in gray and burgundy plaid or a gray suit with a burgundy shirt is a color combination that pleases the eye with its originality.


The marsala color looks most effective in the fall when nature herself prompts: the cold can be compensated by visual brightness, lift your spirits and bring inspiration! If your wedding is planned for fall, don't even think twice - marsala is a great choice!

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