If panic suddenly struck and it seems that nothing is ready - relax and go through the checklist that we created especially for you. Pre-wedding jitters are normal, but a calm and happy bride is many times better. So get your list in your hands and go ahead, it's time to make sure you're all set.



Call the team of professionals, and make sure everyone is ready and will be on time, as agreed. It is important to stipulate the timing of the shooting separately with the photographer, so he understands exactly when and what is required of him.


Wedding attire

Once again, check your dress, your shoes, and gather all your accessories. Spare pantyhose or stockings, stilettos, and hairpins - everything should be stacked in one place and ready to go with you to the hotel.



A boutonniere, a garter, powder and lipstick, even a cake knife - everything should be ready for tomorrow.



The most important thing is to call: your parents, your sister, your girlfriends - everyone involved in the event. This way you'll make sure that they intend to help you tomorrow, and you'll calm down. At the same time, they will be pleased that even in the midst of preparations you paid some attention.



Check the cards against the guest list and make sure all the names are spelled correctly. And make sure there's a person who will put them in a seating chart before the celebration begins



Check the list, make sure your favorite tracks are on there, and remind the DJ exactly what song to play during the first dance.



If you need to, check with your florist about all the nuances of storage - what water they need, how much light they need, and how warm the room can be. This will help you keep the bouquets fresh not only before the ceremony, but also allow you to admire them as long as possible afterward.



What if it's windy, hailing, or pouring, you thought, what will you do in that case? Be sure to have umbrellas, spare shoes, and a cape, so that the photo session is not washed away by the whim of nature.


A heart-to-heart talk

Talk to your fiancé, recall pleasant moments: the first meeting, the first kiss, the proposal - all this will set the right mood and help you relax. You can write a letter to yourself in the future, so that five years from now, on your anniversary, you can open it, reread it and smile.


Food and sleep

This is without exaggeration the most important thing. No decor you'll sit up half the night over is worth your sleep-deprived face or hungry stomach. Tomorrow is a better day, so remember to eat and go to bed early. You'll be fine, don't doubt it.

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