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Rainy fall wedding

Rain is a whim of nature, from which no one is immune, not only in autumn, but also in summer, spring and even winter. Yes, it can go at the most inopportune moment, but if we were so afraid of these circumstances and did not find options to save the situation, then all weddings would be celebrated only within the walls of restaurants. But is it interesting? Let's give you some tips on how to cope with the fear of rain on the most long- awaited day, and if it does come, what actions to take.

1. If you have chosen an area for the ceremony in the open air, even at the time of booking the place discuss with the banquet manager in what internal room of the institution will be able to move the action in case of bad weather.

2. Keep an eye on the forecast. Keeping track of the movement of clouds is a useful gizmo. Keep a few different weather services handy for this. But keep in mind that in this case, too, there will not be a 100% guarantee.

3. Transferring a ceremony is the transfer of decor (decorations, chairs). This is not easy, so the organizers and decorators make a decision about changing the location well in advance if the probability of precipitation is high.

4. If it has rained and there is no roofed room, there are some variants of the decision of a) if the rain is weak - put off the beginning of ceremony on 10-30 minutes. b) if rain is strong - play with scenario and arrange evening exit ceremony, having added a location by candles.

5. Stock up on rags that absorb moisture well in order to wipe chairs, construction film - to cover equipment and chairs, the same transparent or white umbrellas (you can rent them even a day before the wedding), heel pads - to offer guests in stilettos, if the ceremony on the grass.

6. Will a marquee save the day? A marquee or tent makes sense if it is within the concept of the wedding. And it is worth planning to put it at the very beginning of wedding preparation, taking into account the fact that it is a considerable expense: rental of a marquee, abundant decor, additional light if necessary, flooring, drapery.

7. And a top tip for brides who are intimidated by an unpredictable fall wedding. But the charms of rustling leaves, the smoke of candles and the warmth of the hall when you smell damp, wet earth from the window - you can't find in spring and summer. It's some special feeling, very romantic. It is part of the wedding, its entourage, which necessarily complements the concept of autumn celebrations. Therefore, deciding to have a wedding in

September-October, from the first days of preparation, love your future day with all its possible vagaries.

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