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Spring wedding: tips and ideas

The first sunbeams are warm and your eyes can't get enough of the lush colors of bright greenery. Get inspired by spring, sunshine, birdsong and create an easy and loving holiday!




  1. Flowering trees are the perfect backdrop for a wedding photoshoot. There are orchards in every city!
  2. You can not be afraid to choose a wedding dress with a light peach, mint, or soft pink shade. In spring, your image in such a dress will look more organic than ever!
  3. In spring, there is not yet the same wedding rush that there is in summer, and many good venues remain free. Plus, many professionals offer discounts on their services.
  4. If you intelligently choose the date of the wedding, you can choose a period when the weather will please you and it will be warm, but not hot.



Nature herself dictates our inspiration. Flowers, flowers, and flowers again! Delicate flowers can be the leitmotif of your wedding. The floral theme can be diluted with a touch of vintage.

Birds on invitations, natural branches in decor, nests as a ring holder, and wooden birdhouses as a wishing box are springtime interpretations of popular "eco" or "rustic" styles. Bright colors, paper flowers, cheerful lettering, and colorful accessories are a win-win for a fun youth wedding. Look around and find inspiration for your celebration, let this spring be unique to you!



The spring bride look is undoubtedly very romantic and feminine. The silhouettes of dresses are light and airy. The delicate lace will be a great choice for weddings from March to May. Pay attention to the styles of dresses with long sleeves, they look very stylish and are ideal for a wedding in early spring, when it is still too cold for open dresses.

And at a wedding in May, on the contrary, you can afford a youthful flirty image: choose a short bride's dress and complement the outfit with a vintage veil.

White is rightly considered a wedding classic, but in the spring will look very harmonious in a light shade of champagne, light pink, sky blue. Ruffles and ruffles also suit the spring bride. When else will you have the opportunity to choose such a romantic image!

Particular attention should be paid to accessories. A wreath or a decoration of fresh flowers will emphasize the youthfulness of the bride. The author's hat will tell about her impeccable taste. Colored jewelry, oversized necklaces, earrings, bracelets will add zest to the image. In the spring, you can allow yourself to be frivolous and instead of luxurious jewelry, choose a good bijouterie, which will complement the chosen style of the wedding.

Despite the bright sunshine, the weather in spring is often unpredictable, so be sure to think of a backup outfit: comfortable waterproof shoes, a cashmere cardigan, or a light coat. The main thing is that the outerwear should perfectly match your dress.

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