Ring with opal stone in a woman hand

Opal gemstone

In the ancient Romans, opal meant the realization of hopes and the attraction of love. Even today, it is often used as a talisman, especially for talented and creative people. In general, the meaning of the mineral is identified with its color and origin, which means that different opinions may seem contradictory if they are generalized to all types. 

Compatibility with the zodiac signs:
The stone opal is considered the talisman of Capricorns and Libra.

The former should be worn to soften such of their character traits as nerdiness, selfishness, lack of self-confidence, and frequent worries. It will relieve bouts of emerging depression. Capricorn is a quiet enough sign, which is similar to this stone.

But the peaceful and harmonious tranquility of the mineral differs from the insecurities and fears of a person who hides under a mask of absolute equanimity. The Capricorn stone will help make up for the lack of hope, peace, the ability to stay close to people, and faith in oneself.

It will protect from unnecessary worries and stresses and will teach to draw strength and confidence from communicating with people.

Libra, as well as this mineral, brings peace, friendship, elimination of any negative disputes in human relations. Opal symbolizes impermanence. Since Libra often lacks a sense of harmony, the gemstone will help them with this.

Libras are people with changeable moods, they have an unbalanced character, hovering all the time in the clouds. This stone will help them to soften such extremes, achieving a balance.

The mineral will be able to protect the Libra from any extremes, will help change their moods to use for creativity and good deeds.

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