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Wedding Rings 2022: Top Trends

Engagement and engagement ring trends change every year, and 2022 was no exception. Fashionable and beautiful jewelry has always been the shortest way to the heart of not everyone, but most girls, so many would like to get from a loved one is not just a ring, but a stylish piece of jewelry to wear every day. After all, it's not for nothing that we remember wedding rings from movies and notices them on the fingers of stars - this jewelry will become an integral part of your image, if ideally, for life!


We've highlighted for you the main engagement ring trends of 2022, so you can fully enjoy the charming look of stylish jewelry.
Different variations using a pear-cut center stone will be popular in 2022. First, it can be any stone, not necessarily a diamond. Opal, moonstone, alexandrite, amethyst, and even black quartz will look respectable. And the stone doesn't have to be just one.
Such on-trend engagement rings 2022 can often be seen on the fingers of famous wives and brides. Among the wedding rings of stars with stones more often you can notice the pear-shaped cut, as it looks stylish and expensive, but also more original than the classic.
Also, don't be limited by the size of the main stone. It can be a small neat element on a thin ring (they will be in trend for a long time) or a rather large stone on a massive bezel. Here it all depends on your preferences.
Any unusual design of engagement rings with stones will be on-trend. Also, don't forget about vintage style bezels will be very relevant in 2022.
Many ladies have long worn an engagement and wedding ring on the same finger, and some have purchased them immediately as a set, where both pieces fit together beautifully. Topical wedding rings for 2022 are ready-made sets of an engagement ring and a wedding band that fit together like a key to a lock or stack up like a puzzle. First, it looks beautiful, and second, it's convenient. Often the stone in the engagement ring does not allow it to fit snugly with the engagement jewelry, and the sets solve this problem.
Sets can also consist of three rings, where the first is an engagement ring, the second is an engagement ring, and the third is a "mother's ring," which husbands often give to their wives for the birth of their first child. Still, the classic set will consist of two rings, and today's jewelers offer many creative solutions for every taste.
Rose gold first appeared in the fashion trends of jewelry in the early 2010s, but in 2022 the trend literally opened a second breath. Engagement rings in this material, and even with stones will be relevant for at least 10 years.
The StarryCradles team tells you what wedding rings will be in fashion in 2022.
If you follow fashion and want to be the most stylish bride, stay with us - a lot of interesting things are waiting for you!
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