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Wedding trends of 2022

Wedding fashion, like everything else, changes and is subject to its own laws. What used to be stylish is now probably not. But there are exceptions, because from time to time, old clothing items are making a comeback with designers and brides. Will there be big comebacks in wedding trends in 2022 as well? The caro neckline has a rectangular shape and a strong cut. It exposes the bust, emphasizes the collarbones, and optically elongates the neck. It is elegant and stylish at the same time, which proves that it was not neglected, including Lady Di. This neckline goes well with simple, extravagant, or exclusive fabrics. It combines both with dresses with sleeves and with dresses with slightly thicker straps.

The boat neckline

On the other side of the sharp caro neckline is the subtle but sensual boat neckline. This season, it will be accompanied by specially placed folds of fabric, which will optically add volume to the bust, soften its line and attract the attention of wedding guests. It should be added that this style emphasizes the collarbones and the line of the shoulders.

Unusual sleeves

A wedding dress with long sleeves is always an elegant choice. This season, moccasin sleeves, gathered in several places and with a flared line are making a comeback. They accentuate the shoulders and arms, can hide things the bride doesn't want to show all the guests (like scars or tattoos), and at the same time match the latest wedding trends!

Unusual cuts

In addition to the unusual sleeves, high slits and short skirts are in fashion. Both options allow you to bare your legs without compromising with tradition. Such filigree wedding dresses are perfect for brides who like a combination of classic and modern.

Layered dresses

Yes, ruffles, pleats, and layering are another trend from years ago that is now coming back into fashion. Sleek, romantic, and expertly chosen, it is perfect for hiding body flaws. Tulle and muslin are the materials that look best in such creations. This style is not designed only for tall brides, but we must admit that it is demanding and will not suit every figure equally.

Colorful floral patterns

We also know this from the fashion of the late 1990s and early 2000s. Colorful floral prints add character to a wedding dress, highlighting the bride's beauty and unusual character. They are perfect for empire and boho parties, as well as rustic or extravagant weddings.


Pink wedding dresses have been out of fashion for a while, but this season they are making a comeback with a bang! The delicate pink color will perfectly accentuate most skin types, give the bride a romantic look, and will look great in any climate. What's interesting, this color symbolizes innocence, femininity, girlishness, and love at the same time. This trend is another one of our favorites!


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